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Alexandre used to pay $200-$250 every month to OUC just for his electricity.
His new Solar-Ray system helps him save this money!

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Solar-Ray, Inc., was founded on the simple principle of providing the best service, price, and products available.

Only Solar-Ray, Inc. has the experience and expertise to provide systems that often outperform rated power. All systems installed are fully permitted and have passed final inspections. Solar-Ray, Inc.staff includes Florida’s first certified contractor to qualify and receive the nationally recognized NABCEP Certification for Photovoltaics.

Solar-Ray, Inc. is the First NABCEP Accredited PV Installation Company in Florida.

Our systems are FSEC certified and designed to work as a single unit or multiple applications. We are committed to superior customer service and to provide the best PV equipment available at the lowest price possible.

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