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Alexandre used to pay $200-$250 every month to OUC just for his electricity.

His new Solar-Ray system helps him save this money!

Mr. Anbalagan’s electric bill was $500-$600/month

He now owns a 25 kW Solar-Ray system.
His new bill is not more then $20

Magnify Credit Union saves over $12,600 a year

Thanks to their 60 kW solar system

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Florida’s Pioneer in the Solar Industry. Florida’s First Nationally Accredited PV Installation Company!  

Only Solar-Ray, Inc. has the experience and expertise to provide systems that often outperform rated power. All systems installed are fully permitted and have passed final inspections. Solar-Ray, Inc.staff includes Florida’s first certified contractor to qualify and receive the nationally recognized NABCEP Certification for Photovoltaics.

Our systems are FSEC certified and designed to work as a single unit or multiple applications. We are committed to superior customer service and to provide the best PV equipment available at the lowest price possible. ​

Finance available as low as 2.99% for up to 20 years

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Solar Ray completed our 11.75 kWh system on time in one day. When they say what they will do they do it. Our system was installed in one day by 6 tech the day was 92 degrees, 76% humidity, and 12 mph winds, they only took one break (lunch).

We had one panel that was a different color than the rest, we brought it to their attention and the next day 2 techs came and washed all 47 panels are the same color.

11.75kwh Install

I was very happy to see that the service level provided by Solar-Ray matched what I saw of the reviews here and on other sites. From the first sales visit (by the President, Mike Brown since the rest of his sales team was booked that day) to the proposal for service, then permitting support, installation, inspection, and after-install follow-ups, I was very impressed with the caliber of the team they have working for the company (Mike, Carl, Lisette, and others) as well as the ultimate product after installation.

11.75kwh Install

Solar-Ray installed 13.5kw plant with two Sunny-Boy 7kw inverters in Dec-2014 and our Duke energy utility power usage has dropped Significantly since.

Example: August is typically our Highest electric usage month.
Aug / 2014 Duke electric bill $638 USD ( Pre-solar ) on 4100 sqft two story home in Clermont Florida.
Aug / 2015 Duke electric bill $225 USD
Aug / 2016 Duke electric bill $235 USD

13.5kw plant

Solar-Ray promptly answered all my questions and provided all information that I needed. They provided a written quotation the same day that I met with them...and it was affordable. They were prompt, efficient, courteous, and clean. I was amazed at how quickly they had my system installed and operating! I've already recommended them to my neighbor and my married daughter.
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